This post punctuates the beginning of a new category on this site.
I’ll keep adding to it as the missions are completed and as I dig out photos of old trips.
This is where photography began for me. Over the years as I ventured into the wilds of the New Zealand and the Bolivian Mountains the point and shoot upgraded to a Canon SLR with two crummy lenses which I eventually stuck on the front of a Canon eos 30D DSLR and currently the Nikon D800 with a hefty set of pro glass, filters, batteries and the tripod.
Now that I’ve finally got a pro set-up it seems the advent of mirrorless cameras will revolutionise the adventure photography game and everything seems to be getting smaller and lighter as I get left behind with my behemoth, hi-res beast.
Still, it’s super satisfying working with these 36mp images with a mad 14.7 stops of dynamic range even if it is hugely data hungry.
Now I need to buy another hard-drive 😉