Another Winter has rolled into Spring and the cold Winter snow which we race to access as early as possible each morning has turned in glorious spring hero snow we know as corn.
This year we dealt with a late start which tested the optimism of many a TC fiend but allowed us to climb, ride and fly our way into the reluctant Winter.
Eventually the snow arrived and so my favourite shooting season rolled around again.
Last year I tried to make the move to Sony’s mirrorless full frame cameras but Still the mighty Nikon D800 emerges the winner when it comes to shooting sport and vast landscapes.
I watch the evolution of Micro 4/3 and Full frame mirror less cameras with hope that one will finally perform for shooting fast paced action and I can leave the behemoth in the studio and carry something a little less anvil-like.
It’s fun going out onto the slopes with the D800 and the 70-200 2.8. Again the 36Mp allows for some aggressive cropping in post and the old Nikon beast still performs in the auto-focus department.
The tele zoom allows me to photograph from outside the sluff zone when we’re skiing on slab, shooting through foreground elements is a great way to add depth and I just love pulling the out of focus deep back ground right up behind my subjects.