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Reflections on Winter 2016

14/09/2016 Uncategorized
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Another Winter has rolled into Spring and the cold Winter snow which we race to access as early.

Locavore Supper Club

01/06/2016 Uncategorized
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Recently I was given the chance to shoot the creation of an incredible 5 course pop-up dinner. I.

Powder hunting at Treble Cone

21/08/2015 Uncategorized
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No matter how many days pass since the last snow there are still so many sneaky stashes of.

Video project with Good Rotations at Snow Farm

17/08/2015 Uncategorized
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Earlier this Winter I headed up to Snow Farm in Cardrona Valley, Wanaka, New Zealand. Matt & Babu.

Wind ravaged after glow at Beacon Point

30/06/2015 Uncategorized
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I had a spare hour or so to experiment further with this new time-lapse kit. It’s quite the.

Aurora Australis from Mount Grandview above Hawea Flat

30/06/2015 Uncategorized
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The Southern lights are seldom seen with the naked eye mostly because there’s just so little inhabited land.

Pisa Range and a sunset to remember.

19/06/2015 Uncategorized
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Again I found myself on a trip wondering why I persist with this heavy chest pack full of.

A Winter “Welcome back!” to Wanaka

08/06/2015 Uncategorized
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Another film project has finished and I finally have the time and energy to get behind my camera.

Antarctic Moods

16/03/2015 Uncategorized
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The majority of days on the ice were grey and moody. At the time we longed for the.

Antarctica Reflections

11/03/2015 Uncategorized
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Skontorp Cove on the Antarctic Peninsula. This idyllic spot spot was to be our anchorage on numerous nights.

Antarctica Residents

10/03/2015 Uncategorized
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On the recent trip to Antarctica our goal was primarily to capture icebergs, terminal face calving events and.

Antarctica Up Close

09/03/2015 Uncategorized
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I’m back from Antarctica and I’ve finally waded through the 3000 images to arrive at a final 20..

A closer look

14/02/2015 Uncategorized
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I’ve been getting around with the 35mm 1.4 on my camera lately and got up close to this.

Outdoor Adventures

08/02/2015 Uncategorized
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This post punctuates the beginning of a new category on this site. I’ll keep adding to it as.

Upper Clutha, Christmas family outing.

30/01/2015 Uncategorized
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I don’t get to photograph kids too often so recently we went on a little mission to the Nook.


04/02/2015 Uncategorized
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Like the filament of a light bulb the power lines reflect the last of the sun as if a-glow.

Pre-Dawn near Port Chalmers

24/01/2015 Uncategorized
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The great thing about being a dirt-bag climber is the places we’re willing to sleep and the early rise.

Strolling the Black Sands.

19/01/2015 Uncategorized
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A weekend job de-rigging a few trees at a shoot location left me with plenty of time to.

Sunset at Muriwai, New Zealand.

27/12/2014 Uncategorized
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“That’s a wrap!” I was super stoked to finish early on the sand dune set of the latest.

Mount Cook Reaches through drifting clouds at Lake Pukaki, New zealand.

26/12/2014 Uncategorized
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Stacked ND’s allow a 20 second exposure on a drive by of Lake Pukaki. The clouds were on the.

Under the Wharf at Tolaga Bay

23/12/2014 Uncategorized
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Rushing back to Gisborne to get Azza to work after a night spotlighting somewhere on the East Cape..

Dusk and dawn at Te Awanga, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

22/12/2014 Uncategorized
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On a recent return trip to the South Island I called in on a mate in Hawkes Bay. Tony.

New Zealand Mountains, Dusk, Dawn and Milky Way

26/11/2014 Uncategorized
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This a retrospective post from a trip last Winter with a keen crew of starscape chasers. I was.

Dirtpark DH 2014

23/11/2014 Uncategorized
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    Today I played with my strobe again. I’m loving the portability of the Jinbae Discovery 600W.

Simone Maier Triathlete

07/02/2014 Uncategorized
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  Today Simone and I went down to ‘The Tree’ an easy walk along the Lake Wanaka shoreline..

Good Rotations Promo Shots

29/01/2014 Uncategorized
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Good Rotations are a fresh little bicycle store Run By Matt & Babu in Wanaka, Catering to those.

Lupin Season

23/01/2014 Uncategorized
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Yet again another years has rolled around and the Lupin colours up our roadsides and waterways. Photographically it.

Highlands Motorsports Park racing in Cromwell

28/01/2014 Uncategorized
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Its been a huge few days for me both in volume of photos taken and in learning new.

Layers of MacKenzie Country

23/01/2014 Uncategorized
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I love driving the MacKenzie with my 70-200 sitting on the passenger seat. This sunset gave beautiful rays.

Dougal Allen, Ironman, Multisport & Triathlete

23/01/2014 Uncategorized
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Cheers Dougal for taking some time out of your Challenge Wanaka build up! I hung out the back.

Wanaka Rodeo

23/01/2014 Uncategorized
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My first time to a rodeo and they’re definitely full of action! I highly recommend getting to one.

Aurora Australis

10/10/2013 Uncategorized
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One of my coolest iphone apps is Solar Monitor and when it pushed a moderate solar storm notification.

Biathlon At Snow Farm

11/09/2013 Uncategorized
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I caught up with Sarah Murphy NZ Biathlon representative at the World Champs. She trained and I Shot.

Purple Lightning in an awesome storm

11/09/2013 Uncategorized
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This was my first time shooting an electrical storm and it is probably the toughest subject yet! Difficulties.

First sun on the frosted grass

11/09/2013 Uncategorized
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I’m loving my new 35mm 1.4! Its amazing Bokeh and nice short depth of field bring a serene.

Table setting, dusk and dawn.

11/09/2013 Uncategorized
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A warm evening and an icy morning at the Clutha Outlet shooting a wedding table and venue against.

Queenstown represent at Cromwell moto track

17/08/2013 Uncategorized
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I met up with the gang at Cromwell and spent a few hours coming to terms with some.